We know nothing" "We are the origin of all coming evil" - C.J. Jung

1Pe 2:9  But you are "an elect race," "a royal priesthood," "a holy nation," "a people for possession," so that "you may openly speak of the virtues" of the One who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

Are we evil or royal priesthood?​

The answer is very simple. Our journey starts at the level of evil with an evil seal on the forehead. See the home page. Besides, you just know it, there are demons within your domain. We all have them. They are part of our fabric. If we overcome them, we will become the royal priesthood.

The problem?

1. You have to be initiated by the Spirit first, otherwise you will end up creating another subpersonality (another demon).

2. You need to overcome your demons

3. You must endure various tests and trials. If you do, you will inherit EVERYTHING Rev. 21:7.

We are only seeds!


We are only material-spiritual human hybrids with a great immortal potential. This potential belongs to our soul (seed). Read J. Campbell's The hero with Thousand Faces, Greek myths, legends, fairy tales and the Bible. It's all the same story, if you have eyes to see.  

1. My first initiation happened in my ofiice! At the time I had no idea about these things. 

2. I have overcome my demon of my path in 2012. I did it naturally, during a 12 steps program therapy. There are many people who attend 12 steps. However, since they are not initiated, even if they overcome their addictions (demons), they still live empty lives.

3.  I'm now in the third circle of my race, see below. After this stage I will have my demonic seal replaced by the other one! Some call it the third eye of the soul. So far I have won two great spiritual prizes. You can find their description in Rev. 2:7-8, Rev. 2:11 and other sources. 

  • Life is not what you think

  • Religion is hell

  • Real Christianity is magic


Those who call themselves believers are furthest away from God. The reasonable atheists are closer to God than religious people. However, they don't know it, as they reject the perverse idea of God, but cannot fill the void with the real thing.

  • What a great riddle created by God for His people!

You will never solve this riddle intellectually. The clarity may only be obtained through experiences, insights, synchronicities and revelations. This is what John 14:26 is all about. Again, real Christianity is magic. ​

What is the Apocalypse?


If you are the one, it's your opportunity to break free from your prison (normal life) and develop your soul (real faith). This is the basic program.


But you need to ready. Are you?​


You cannot agree to be vaccinated. But refusal alone will not suffice. You need to be initiated by the Spirit of life first!

GnosticCoach, an anti-coach, really!

I'm in the third circle now (Mercy).  Do what you can to obtain your initiation then start your fight and magical journey, never before! Without the help and guidance of the Spirit (the Ariadne thread) you will always fail. 
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This is not a business 

but a great adventure!

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