I used to be a business lawyer and a corporate executive. You can find my professional CV on LinkedIn.  ​II suffered a lot during this time, because I didn't know, I was a real dreamer.  

The transition from the material prison (Matrix) into our real magical world - it's hidden withing this world (Luke 17:20–21, Gospel of Thomas) is the most difficult job on the planet. So what! I have done it, you can do it too, I hope! 

I have already won two great spiritual prizes for my soul. They are recorded in the Book of Revelation. The first one ends inner suffering (Rev. 2:7). The second one is the Crown of Life (Rev. 2:10-11). And this is only the beginning!  

If you want my assistance, please be advised: 

  • What I do is extremely challenging and frustrating, butalso enlightening, so is the reality!

  • Real spirituality is very expensive and it's not only about money.

  • Moving from this childish world into the higher one takes years of hard work. There are no shortcuts, but the higher law says, you don't have to open all the doors by yourself. So, by working together,  you can save a couple of years of the most precious commodity, which is your time. This is important, especially now during the Apocalypse.

  • Real spirituality can only happen between you and the Spirit of life! You can meditate for millions of years and nothing real will happen. Man-made processes are just a trick of the inner enemy.  

  • The modern understanding of spiritual growth like Jungian individuation, material perception of the hero's journey, or religious salvation are just shadows of the real thing! 

  • Real spirituality involves taking risks. ​It must be so, or you will never build real trust in the higher life (God of the Universe).

  • Every human teacher is a false prophet. Only the Spirit of life and Christ can teach your soul and help it to grow (Eph. 2:14)

  • This is why I don't teach, for more scroll down.

  • My job is to facilitate a series of AHA EXPERIENCES to help you find the right path to your unique path, so the Spirit can lead your soul.

It's really not about you (the social you)! It's all about the inner dreamer! When the dreamer is happy, you will be happy, because you are not your mind, but the dreamer!'

Glass Buildings

Human identity ladder

By traveling, together with the Spirit (Matt. 12:31), via my inner identity ladder (just above), I have already healed and overcome, examples:

  • Feeling of inner emptiness, boredom, professional burnout;

  • Insatiable inner hunger (March 2010)

  • Inner suffering (April 2014)

  • Existential loneliness and meaninglessness of life

  • Addictions - I did the 12 step program and moved beyond to find my God-given purpose Step 11)!

  • Several syndromes - outgrown 

  • New knowledge, new life path, and identity won in a hard battle.

  • Other stuff

The false dynamic of every spiritual organization

  • Most of the organizations or movements start with a man who knows the truth. He or she may be still alive or not. The great man is usually of good nature and noble character.

  • Out of love he or she will share with people the newly discovered truth/knowledge/insights. It may be some teachings, a book, etc.

  • Soon after a group of followers will appear. 

  • Most of them will be also good and sincere people. 

  • Because they love their teacher soon after a problem will arise!   

  • Instead of searching and finding the truth directly, they will take a shortcut and rely on the leader’s teachings and formulas. 

  • This is how the noble man will be turned into the ultimate source of truth.

  • To make sure everybody is on the same (right) page, a set of doctrines, beliefs, rules, and customs will be created. 

  • One particular belief will stand out. It will hold everything together: We know the truth, we really do!

  • And since the truth must be shared, all newcomers will be greeted with open arms. However, there will be one condition: If you want to know the truth we will help you, but you will need to adhere to our version of the truth because our truth is true!

  • This is how idols are created and the living and real truth, that can only be won in a hard battle, is turned into an illusory shortcut. 

  • This is how the soul or the Pearl of Great Price is compromised for the sake of peer acceptance. 

  • So, hell is paved with good intentions. 


Robert Wyszynski

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This  is  not a  business   but 

an  adventure!