Human spiritual seed

The only real solution to human existential suffering

Some of us, in the area of the breast/heart, carry a spiritual seed of a an IMMORTAL human! The Bible calls it the Pearl of Great Value (Matt. 13:45). Religious people don't understand it. 

If you have such a seed, you will suffer a lot, especially in the first part of your life.
This suffering will end only after the seed has been activated by the Spirit! When that happens, inner suffering and meaninglessness will cease, but another form of formative suffering will arrive.

In the process of seed's growth the spiritual organ of the soul - sternum will be activated. The Bible calls it the breastplate of righteousness!
  • Eph 6:14  Then stand firm, "having girded your loins about with truth" and having put "on the breastplate of righteousness.​

Basically sternum is the soul's eye, a protective moral compass and a bullshit detector. It's indispensable on the inner Narrow Path / Hero's journey! 

Real spirituality has nothing to do with meditations, mantras, and other forms of man-made formulas. 

It's a biological, spiritual and alchemical process of transforming material man (caterpillar) into an immortal one (butterfly). This process is called the Apocalypse.


The modern Jungian term individuation is just a shadow of the real thing.

Soon, many people will enter this process (personal Apocalypse). Pray that you are the one, for this is the only protection against the destructive aspect of the global Apocalypse - sweeping away the barren human seeds. 

Thus men forgot that all deities reside in the human breast. William Blake


Death is for wimps

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