1. You must be willing to move beyond social darkness like political correctness, #metoo, all ideologies and so many other forms of social comliance. 

  2. You must be willing to outgrow mediocre relationships, ordinary job or career.

  3. You need to acceped a sad reality of real growth: you will suffer, but unlike most of the people, your suffering will end.

  4. You will seek the real God with all your heart.

  5. You will discover, free and let your soul grow.

  6. You will take the necessary risks.

  7. You will show respect and receive respect.

  8. You will establish your own rules and obey rules of other peopel.

  9. You will cultivate your inborn sense of humor.

  10. You must be at least in the mid of your 30-ties. 


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This  is  not a  business   but 

an  adventure!