Spiritual Kung-Fu


 Learn the royal art of discernment and Spirit's inner alchemy, so you can overcome your own evil and become a mature real human! 

By learning the basics of spiritual Kung-fun, you will be able to discern and overcome your real enemies. 

NWO, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the illuminati are just pawns on a chessboard. The real enemy is within. Complete our program and you will agree. You will also understand the hidden logic behind the coming Apocalypse!


You must already be initiated to get enrolled into this program. If your initiation is real, you will receive very specific confirmations. These signs are recorded in a coded book only a few have access to - the Bible!

Once initiated, you can start your preparations for your good fight!


This program will help you understand the principles of a real spiritual war.  This is a fascinating subject.  This war is extremely subtle and sophisticated. Common men don't even know such a war exists.

Only after winning your war, another step will begin. Spiritual Kung - Fu is part of the basic training of the 144.000. 

GnosticCoach - an anti-coach, really!

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This is not a business 

but a great adventure!

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