Escape the coming Apocalypse

1. learn who your real enemy is, 2. get your initiation, 3. overcome the real enemy, 4. build higher relationships, 5. live forever among the stars!


Do you belive in the power of POSITIVE CHANGE, HEALING, MINDFULNESS, PRESENT MOMENT, MEDITATION.psychology, religion, spirituality or other man-created activities?

The vast majority of people who want something more from life, engage in various forms of spirituality, but end up with the same life. Over time, many feel even worse. 

People don't know, that before they can tap into a higher life, they have to overcome their INNER DEMON.


Watch yourself now, your demon will try to twist or reject this universal perspective.

If you don't overcome your demon - consciously, you (your soul) will become his pray. 

Your first step?

Proper spiritual initiation!

Everyone, without exception, carriers a demonic seal on his or her forehead. You can extract this seal by using a graphic program like Adobe. 



Learn about your true human potential

Higher and meaningful goals, inner aliveness and curiosity are sure signs of proper spiritual initiation. Only the Spirit of life can initiate man. No, it's not what you think. There are no rituals or formulas.

Mandatory vaccination will be our first test about trust in life and God.


The resistance and disagreement to be vaccinated alone will not suffice. We need the proper spiritual initiation.


This initiation will open up the door from this dying Matrix, so we can start our journey beyond the horizon, under the leadership of the Spirit of life (Psalm 91, 126). Once connected through initiation with the Spirit we will overcome vaccines and other traps, terrors and horrors that are coming.


The Global hero's journeY

This site is for people who carry within themselves a spiritual spark. If you are such a person, you are probably a dreamer, a soul searcher or an idealist. 

If so, the coming Apocalypse is not the end, not for you. This is only a beginning. You will be provided with a chance to develop your spiritual spark into a new identity and a new higher life. Your job will be to grow in the time of darkness and coming horrors.

In order to succeed you'll absolutely need a proper spiritual initiation. I cannot emphasize how important that is.


Without such initiation your spark will remain dormant. Once initiated, you will be provided with a higher help, guidance and protection during this Apocalyptic time. 

You will be faced with trials and test, yet if your spark will be initiated you will pass them intact.  Once you spark becomes activated, you will need to overcome your demon. This is will be your first major task. Only after, you will enter into a process of creating an immortal soul.

The coming apocalyptic framework will be your necessary scene in this great process, trial and adventure.​ By learning the basics of spiritual alchemy and Kung-fun as we call it, you will save yourself years on the path of overcoming your soul's teacher and deadly adversary - your demon! 

NWO, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the illuminati are just pawns on a chessboard. The real enemy is within. Get your initiation, become a real player in this game and leave those pawns behind! It's all about the soul!

Keyboard and Mouse

Learn how to beat your inner demons!



If you are part of our tribe, you absolutely must overcome the various confinements of ordinary relationships. ​


Creating higher and inspired relationships is part of our training and condition for our survival during the coming Apocalypse. 

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This is not a business 

but a great adventure!

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