From arrogance to freedom of self-containment

Recently I had a short conversation with a female friend. 

At some point, I made a point: Humans are idiots.
She agreed wholeheartedly. 

She and I are very different, yet, we came to the same conclusion. How come?

In my case, the statement: Humans are idiots came from self-knowledge. I wrote about 150 essays about my own weaknesses, character flaws, and my foolishness. So, I just know it by heart. This precious self-knowledge serves now as a solid foundation of my tolerance towards my fellow human idiots who to be wise.  

However, in her case, it was pure arrogance and foolishness. Nothing wrong with such immaturity, but not when you are 40+ above! 

Have you already been broken by life so far?

If not, you are just another arrogant idiot. It's nothing personal. This is just how we are created - to be the exact opposite of the character of the real God (Exodus 34:6-7). The reason is very simple. Our material nature is just a shadow reflection of our true spiritual potential.

The coming Apocalypse will bring man's pride, vanity, and arrogance down. It has to be that way, or we will never mature as individuals and collectively. 

Again, this is nothing personal, really. It's just how the system works. 


When you shed the lower self, you will become a better person, so much freer and wiser.


The misery of me, me, me, about me, will be replaced by a calm and peaceful self-containment of the real self - the true foundation of healthy relationships. 

So, get ready for the coming Apocalypse. We all need it badly or we will self-destruct. This site will help you in this process. 

When you realize your foolishness, it will be the first small but very real step towards reality and the real God of life!

It's not NWO, illuminati, climate change, religion, or some other nonsense. You are the problem and the only solution to the problem. 

I have written about 150 essays about my foolishness. What's your score?

And here is the real deal - arrogance is not us. It's just part of our slavery of the false self. Get rid of it, before the Apocalyspe does it for you. There is still time. 


The 5 STEPS will help you start the process. 

Gnostic Coach - anti-coach, really!

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