In my first life, I was a business lawyer and a corporate executive.  ​I suffered a lot during this time, because I didn't know, I was cut off from my Spirt.


Have you seen the movie Golden Compass? It's all there!

I always felt that fairy tales and legends are real. And they are. ​

My initiation happened in stages without me realizing, I was initiated. The first step happened in my office, during regular work. The second step during the walk with my dog. The third step while I was coming from my gym. The fourth while having a... drink. If you are properly initiated and know how to multiply your Spirit (biblical talents) this lifeless life will become magic. It will speak to you through synchronicities, signs, insides, inspirations, higher energy. ​

The Spirt is super tolerant, patient, and all mighty. The google search engine is no match for what the FORCE can do with the internet! It can control the electronic media and networks at will. I owe to my Spirt everything: proper education, development, new life and my bright future in this dark time. Spirit is my best and most trusted friend. 

The Spirit will take you beyond the horizon of mediocrity. Only the Spirt can teach you the divine arts of inner alchemy, higher relationships and how to live a higher life. 

We are now in the so-called Harvest time. The gate is open. There will be many new initiates. You better become part of our club. If not, you will have to face the horrors of the coming Apocalypse.

Psychology, spirituality and religion without the Spirt are dead subjects.

What do I do?​​

I'm here to help. This is why I have developed, together with the FORCE, the 5 STEPS program. These steps are point of reference really.  What I do is very simple and natural.


If you want to succeed, you need to have a proper attitude, right desires and ability to overcome obstacles. 

I'm not spiritual. I'm normal!

Robert, an anti-coach, really!


This video is based on my story!

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This is not a business 

but a great adventure!

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